Sturdy Designs

Sturdy Designs was founded by Will Sturdy, an award winning kite builder, designer, and flier. Today, Will works with a few other experienced kite-makers to produce high quality kites and accessories. Every Sturdy Designs kite is hand built in the USA to Will's exacting standards.


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Closing Shop


The decision to close shop has not come easily, but the time has come to focus on other interests.

I have a few kites and unfinished sails in inventory, as well as a variety of spars and fittings. Follow this link to view the current inventory list. (Last updated 2016-02-26)

Spring 2013

Things have been picking up here at Sturdy Designs lately!

The Chiroptera is back in production thanks to the expertise of Heads Up Kites. There quality on these sails is really great - I could not be happier with their work! I just listed the Chiropteras I have in the shop

I have a few custom Impulse sails from the pre-order and am starting to frame them. I expect to have all the standard sails here within a few weeks. They should be ready to ship by the end of April. I'll put more pictures of the new Impulses on facebook when they're finished.

As always, I am more than happy to try to answer any questions you may have about anything kite related. Just shoot me an email!

Impulse Pre-order

The pre-order for the Impulse has started! Order on the Impulse page before January 31st and save 15%

It's almost 2013, so...

...It's time for some big announcements!

2013 will bring a few changes to Sturdy Designs. Since I'm now at college, my time to produce kites has been unfortunately diminished. But fear not! In order to continue producing high quality kites, Sturdy Designs is now working with Eliot Shook of Flying Smiles Kites and Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis of Heads Up Kites to sew our sails. I am excited to be working with such fine craftsmen.

Saber III: I am working on a number of Saber IIIs and should have them finished within the next month or so. These are all stock colors and will show up in the Shop when they are done.

Chiroptera: As I write this, Heads Up Kite is sewing a bunch of Chiroptera sails. Those of you who ordered customs will finally be getting them (Thanks for your patience!) There will also be a number of Chiropteras in stock in the Shop. Expect these kites to be finished and set to go by early February.

And last but not least, the Impulse: After many hours of prototyping and testing, this all new freestyle kite is set to go! Check out the Impulse page under kites for pictures and keep an eye out here and on facebook for pre-order info.

As always, keep an eye on the Sturdy Designs facebook page for the latest news!

July updates

There have been a whole bunch of updates recently. The Saber III page finally has pictures, the shop has been switched over to paypal, and a few kites have been added ready for order. I am now accepting custom orders for the Saber III, so start playing around with the colorizer! To be sure to get your custom kite in the next build, be sure to have your design to me by early September.

Be sure to keep an eye on the facebook page, as I've got some exciting news coming soon!