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The Chiroptera is an ultra light single line glider. The structure was engineered to maximize sail efficiency and minimize wing loading, producing an impressive glide ratio of about 9:1.

Indoors this kite flies like a dream. It is balanced to glide very efficiently, but easily transitions into a rapid climb with a slight pop and tension on the line. The battens stabalize the kite so stalling the kite is difficult. If something goes wrong, let go of the line and the kite will generally sort itself out!

Although it really shine indoors, this kite is quite happy flying outdoors on light wind days. The Chiroptera naturally adjusts its shape to dump extra wind force in gusts, preventing catastrophic failures. The battens provide positive stabilization, reducing the oscillations that plague lightweight gliders outdoors.

Sturdy Designs is proud to partner with Heads Up Kites to produce this kite. Heads Up Kites, located in California, has a long history of producing top quality kite sails for various manufacturers and is doing a great job with the Chiroptera.


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The nose is built up out of three layers, making this high stress area durable. An adjustable nose ballast pocket is incorporated to allow for tuning of the glide.

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A small internal patch reinforces the spreader to leading edge joint. This keeps weight down and reduces snag points.

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The tail is minimalistic, providing just enough support where it's needed while adding little weight.

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The reinforcements for the bridle and dihedral support line are also designed to be lightweight.


Colors may be chosen either from those in stock in the shop or you may pick a custom color by using the colorizer (Additional 10% fee will apply). The following are some examples of color schemes:

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Wingspan: 72in/1.8m
Height: 36.5in/.93m
Weight: 2.2oz/62g
Rec. Ballast: .4oz/11g (2 US quarters)


If there are any Chiropteras in stock right now, they can be purchased through the Shop. You can always have a custom kite put on the build list by sending an email to Will

Price: $150