Saber III Standard

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The Saber III is the latest development in the Saber series. Better tracking and a slower forward speed combined with more precise tricking make this Saber better than ever.


Wingspan: 92in/2.3m
Height: 35in/.9m
Weight: 10.6oz/300g
Tail Weight: 1oz/28g
Rec. Wind Range: 4-15 kts


Almost all of the first build of kites have been sold. All the kites not yet sold are listed in the shop. The next run will be this winter, so get your custom orders in by September!

Price: $300


These are the standard colors. All kites currently in stock will be listed in the shop. The colorizer for custom Sabers is located in Support.

Green thumbGreen
Yellow thumbYellow
Blue thumbBlue
Red thumbRed


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Leading Edge

The leading edge is built with an integrated cover that prevents line snags while tricking.


The nose is built from multiple layers of abrasion resistant Cordura nylon for maximum dirability while minimizing weight and the risk of snags

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The yoyo stopper is based off a design by Paul DeBakker of Focus Kites. This design prevents the yoyo stopper from turning inwards, so there's no need to worry wether or not the stoppers will be there during a yoyo. The sail holds everything in place, so there's no glue joint that would be prone to failure.

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The sacrificial abrasion doubler for the upper spreader is simply a PTFE strip that has proven extremely durable and simple to replace.


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