French Bridles

The French Bridle was originally developed by the French quad-line team Crazy Drivers for the Revolution 1.5 from Revolution Kites ( The complexity of the bridle makes it time consuming to tie and the tight tolerences make it difficult to get right. I got permission from the Crazy Drivers and designed a jig to aid in tieing the bridle.

This bridle increases the connection a flier has with the kite. The tow points are moved outside the range achievable with a standard bridle, so the kite responds faster but is less twitchy. The geometry of the bridle aids in 3D trick flying

Due to popular demand, I have scaled and tweaked the bridle to fit the Rev II and Zen in addition to the 1.5. The 1.5 bridle fits the 1.5 SLE, B-series, and B-series pro kites.

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